1 / Information from the host and the manager of Mr Coco:

  • Wix

  • Inc.

  • Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158

  • Telephone: +1 415-639-9034.  

  • MR COCO: Micro enterprise managed by Mr Corentin Vignal, Auto enterprise registered with the CMA under the number  : 884 196 361 RM 38, The head office is located at 6 Chemin de la reglane 38200 Vienne. Telephone: 07 77 39 88 76  E-mail adress :

  • VAT not applicable, article 293B of the general tax center.

2 / Personal data

  •   The data collected via the Contact form is only used to respond to the message received.

To request the deletion of these, you can contact the manager on

3 / Authors' rights

This site respects copyright. All the rights of the authors of protected works reproduced and communicated on this site are reserved. Unless authorized, any use of works other than individual and private reproduction and consultation is prohibited.

4 / The prices

Product prices are net, inclusive of tax and expressed in Euros. Delivery is subject to an additional charge depending on the method selected. The prices are guaranteed until the confirmation of your order however MRCOCO can legally modify the price list at any time

5 / The method of payment 

Payment for products is made either via the Stripe or PayPal credit card payment platform.

6 / Delivery  

Concerning the Shipping: Mister Coco will in no way be held responsible for delivery times operated by a shipper other than himself.

The packages are carefully packaged by Mr Coco with bubble wrap, insert paper, foam  to avoid possible damage.

It is possible that even during a shipment labeled fragile an item can arrive damaged, by confirming your order you agree to take responsibility and know that no refund can take place, on the other hand if the package is lost by the carrier. and the tracking number is no longer traceable, the order will be fully refunded.

The shipping rates are based on the weight of your order, they will be shipped by post or Colissimo in the event of high heat the rates may vary if we have to use refrigerated shipping, Mr coco then undertakes to inform the customer.  

Regarding home delivery:

  • Mr coco can deliver in the Vienna sector 38200 for a price of € 2.00.

  • The delivery will be made approximately two days after the order and free from 25 € of purchase (VIENNE 38200)

  • Mr coco can deliver in the sector 69001, 69002, 69003, 69004, 69005, 69006, 69007, 69008, 69009, 69700, 69520, 69360 for a delivery rate of 4.50 € the delivery will be made approximately two days after the order and free from 55 € of purchases.

  • It is also possible to pick up your order at the production workshop of Mr Coco at 6 chemin de la reglane 38200 Vienne, France, a notification or a message will be sent to the customer to arrange the optimal time of recovery.  

7 / allergens

Mr Coco indicates on the product page of his online store that it may contain traces of gluten, lactose and peanuts various nuts, in any case, we are absolutely not responsible for any allergic reactions, please notify us before confirmation of your order

8 / Conservation:

Chocolate can be stored in a dry environment without humidity, away from direct contact with the sun, above 25 degrees it can start to ooze or melt, when the cocoa butter recrystallizes when it returns to normal temperature, white spots will appear, the chocolate is absolutely not altered and can be eaten, the aesthetic aspect will be the only drawback. Each product will be labeled with a DLUO.

the average shelf life of pure chocolate is 6 months.

9 / property rights:

All the elements of the MRCOCO site are absolutely specific to its property, they can absolutely not be copied, imitated, partially redistributed or complemented. except with his agreement.

All Mrcoco chocolate products are also subject to confidentiality and may not be reproduced, resold or transformed.

10 / Force majeure

Neither the self-employed MR COCO, nor the customer can be held responsible for any non-performance which may have originated in a case of force majeure, beyond its control, including in particular, without this being limiting, cases of war, riot, insurgency, transportation disruption, import or export problem, strike, lockout, shortage, pandemic, fire, earthquake, storm, flood .

11 / Disputes

Only French courts and justice will be able to operate in the event of a dispute.

12 / Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized as well as for the supply of goods. likely to deteriorate or expire quickly. No returns will therefore be accepted.

13 / Payment on the online store and order confirmation

When you place an order on the MR COCO online store you agree to pay the displayed price, no order will be prepared without confirmation of payment received.

14 / Social networks

The official Facebook and Instagram accounts of MR COCO and FRCHOCOLATIER  can allow users to post their content. The user is informed that the content published on these social networks can be seen by any third party, and that increased vigilance is required of users when they provide certain personal data on these sites or applications such as financial data, an address or any sensitive data. Edwart is in no way responsible for any damage caused by third parties as a result of or arising from the publication of their personal data by users.


Conditions are subject to change at any time